Just Like Me

20374a03b025ee1a540c3a53b7022ea1I heard the phrase this week, “Just Like Me” in reference to not judging others. When we’re having a conflict with someone, try to remember these things:

  • The other person wants to be happy, just like me.
  • The other person loves and wants to spend time with their family, just like me.
  • The other person experiences pain and suffering, just like me.
  • The other person sometimes speaks before thinking, just like me.
  • The other persons sometimes procrastinates, just like me.
  • The other person sometimes does stupid things, just like me.

I know all too well, this is much easier said than done. I often end up writing what I need to learn, so I wrote this post for Psychology Today called, Love Yourself More by Judging Others Less.

5 thoughts on “Just Like Me

  1. read this and the link to your original article just now 😉 took me right to a couple of encounters I’ve had just this past week with a couple of difficult people in my life. Both of them are definitely dealing with some stuff that has nothing to do with me and both of them have been acting like the snarling dog in your larger article. I decided a month ago, I was tired of being irritated by both of them, so I started praying for them…just a general “God bless so and so..bless their jobs, bless their lives…just bless them.” and within 2 weeks I noticed a marked change in both relationships…one for the better and one for the worse..;-) Something is definitely going on in their inner world. Oh, did I mention, I am related to both of them.? (extended family) Talk to you soon.

  2. Don’t judge others nor yourself. Try to understand others as well as yourself. We are all just HUMAN BEINGS. EVERYTHING begins in us. What we see in others we actually see in ourselves. That means: The more we love and understand and feel self-compassion for OURSELVES, the more we also understand and feel compassion for others. It’s all about the heart – Think of your heart as your best friend: Share everything, let things go — the more we are in tune with our HEART, the more things just start to fall away, THEY DISSOLVE.
    In the HEART there is space for everything.
    It’s THAT simple. It needs daily practice, but it works! The more we practice, the more inner peace we get. I can only speak out of my own experience.
    Brené Brown quote: “Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.”
    Kim McMillen quote: ” When I loved myself enough, I began to taste freedom.”
    When you look in the mirror, only see good things, never say bad things to yourself, just smile and breathe through your heart. You will feel to start the difference.

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