In the Media

Below is a sampling of some articles in which I’ve been quoted or featured. I’ve also been on The Today Show, Good Morning America, a PBS documentary, and I’ve been heard on radio shows across the country.

Camila Cabello Opened Up about Living with OCD, Business Insider, May 1, 2018

7 Secretly Toxic Ideas We Have About Self-Care That Aren’t True, Bustle, 2/2018

5 Myths about OCD that You Need to Stop Believing, The Insider, 12/2017

Why Do Women Judge Each Other and How Do We Stop?, Huffington Post UK, 11/2017

Put Your Phone Away: An Addict’s Guide to Unplugging, The Good Men Project 1/2017

5 Tips to Make This the Happiest, Healthiest New Year Ever, 12/2016

11 Interesting Reasons You Can’t Stay Fit, and How to Fix It, 10/2016

9 Ways to Overcome Blushing,, 9/2016

7 Ways to Get Over Feeling Self-Conscious at the Gym, 2/2016

7 Ways to Become a Happier Person Instantly,, 1/2016

9 Things that Might Mean You Have an Anxiety Problem,, 7/2016

5 Ways to Manage Social Anxiety, 3/2016

How to Use Your Morning Routine to Reduce Anxiety,, 12/2015

5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship that Take Less Than 5 Minutes, 8/2015

More than Butterflies: Understanding and Coping with  Social Anxiety

Three Tricks for Dealing with Anxiety in the Moment, Lifehacker, 7/2014

What to Do When You Feel Too Embarrassed to Exercise, Lifehacker 7/2014

Huffington Post 5/2014, quoted in a blog post about keeping the spark alive in your marriage.

Inside Job: Self-compassion plays a crucial role in our body image–and happiness. June, 2014 issue of Live Happy

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Hero? in

Interview on Psychology Today about The Self-Compassion Project

What’s Your Coping Style: How to Bounce Back from Tragic Events Your Way,

The Power of Introverts: Resources,  and QuietRev Resources, My book, Nurturing the Shy Child, is listed on Susan Cain’s website

New York Times: What to Do When Shyness Becomes Disabling

Washington Post: It’s Not Easy Being Shy

Chicago Tribune: Social Fears

Boston Globe: A slow-to-warm-up child needs time to gain confidence

Medicine Net: Confronting Your Phobias

Real Simple: How to Beat Social Anxiety

MSNBC: Ease your child’s anxieties

Web MD: Kids Afraid of Life

One thought on “In the Media

  1. Babara-How are you? It’s so funny how the universe conspires to bring us back in touch with people we’ve not connected with in a while. My daughter who’s a psychology major at Webster University (I’m still in STL with my family) saw the article abt 25 women bloggers contributing to a website on self-compassion, and there you were. How if your family? Where are you now? My blog,, focuses on self-care and I’ve developed my own 4-session Mindful Stress Reduction class which I started teaching last May.I teach a whole session on self-compassion. If you’d like to get in touch, my e-mail is

    Best Always, Diane

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