Monday Mantra

imageI know so many people who are struggling with health problems, myself included. I was recently diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, on top of all my original chronic pain issues. It’s so easy to focus on all of my troubling symptoms, and lose sight of the fact that my body continues to do so many amazing things for me. I can walk! I can talk! And I can breathe! I’m going to try to shift my focus from all that’s wrong with me, to all that’s right with me. Thank you dear, sweet body for continuing to work so hard. May I be kind to you.

Dear readers, may you be kind to yourselves today, and focus on all that is gloriously right with you.

8 thoughts on “Monday Mantra

  1. So deeply sorry to hear of your new diagnosis. One of my deatest friends experienced the agony of TN … and … she is now recovered and pain free. Wishing you increased peace and comfort with each and every day and wrapping you in a healing blanket of light and love.

  2. Hi Barb,
    So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I’m familiar with getting frightening health news (pulmonary fibrosis – terminal lung disease from chemo for breast cancer). I also resonate with your being a good friend to yourself and being thankful for all your body is doing. Being compassionate with myself has made a huge positive difference. I too write about self-compassion (integrated with faith). Sending you warm wishes, hope and love.

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