Monday Mantra
I love Emily’s guided meditations on the Buddhify app. I have some of the words memorized because I listen to them so much. I like this phrase because I’m always doing, grasping, and trying to control my experience. These words remind me I can let go and not struggle so hard. It’s okay to rest. 

Thankful Thursday

I’m so fortunate to have a part-time job with flexible hours. It makes such a difference when you have chronic health problems. I’m also thankful for my friends at work who check on me and make me laugh!

Here’s a picture of me at work with my grumpy face! I’m pretty lucky in that even when I feel grumpy on the inside, most people don’t usually notice!

And finally, a random thankfulness quote for your day:

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.”
A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Monday Mantra

imageI know so many people who are struggling with health problems, myself included. I was recently diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, on top of all my original chronic pain issues. It’s so easy to focus on all of my troubling symptoms, and lose sight of the fact that my body continues to do so many amazing things for me. I can walk! I can talk! And I can breathe! I’m going to try to shift my focus from all that’s wrong with me, to all that’s right with me. Thank you dear, sweet body for continuing to work so hard. May I be kind to you.

Dear readers, may you be kind to yourselves today, and focus on all that is gloriously right with you.

Thankful Thursday

imagePlay dates with doggie friends. This is Gracie who was a Puppies for Parole dog. She hit the jackpot when Shelley adopted her. My dogs needed a little time to warm up to Gracie’s puppy energy!


A necklace hand-made by a dear friend. I met Toni through blogging. Even though I don’t write as much any more, we keep in touch.


Our backyard!

I’m going to try to post a few short things more regularly, mostly in an attempt to not forget what’s happening in my life. My memory is definitely not what it used to be! And I’m doing this all from my phone, as computer work and typing is still hard. So please forgive formatting issues and typos I may not catch. My standards are not what they used to be, and I’m okay with that.


Give Soul Searching a Rest


Much as I love to soul search, there are moments when you realize that perhaps today you are further complicating life by relentlessly seeking elusive answers to profound questions. Perhaps today is a day where you take what you already know to be true and apply it. Simple things we’ve had figured out for decades like the value of exercise, of dipping your feet in the nearest body of water, or having a good laugh with a few close friends. Fruits and vegetables are obvious in that way. Not too complicated, nothing really to fuss over, but simple, delicious, and just as good for you as they’ve ever been.      -Dallas Clayton

Sometimes I wish I could be the kind of person who didn’t think about the big questions. Today I’ve already questioned whether or not I’m living up to my full potential, what is the meaning of life, and why does my dog look like she’s wearing eyeliner ever since she came back from the groomer. Seriously, what did they do to her?

My friend, Jill, has a Sunday feature on her blog called Day of Rest. Today I am daring myself to give soul searching a rest. It’s not that the profound questions are “bad,” but sometimes all I do is spin in circles and make myself miserable. When I’m in the middle of such an existential angst tailspin, I need to remember to take a breath, pause, and ask myself, “Is this useful?” Today, the answer is no. Instead, I’m going to watch Parks and Rec on Netflix, dip my toe back into blogging, and remember that life and all it’s questions will be here tomorrow.