Montage Magic

One really cool thing I’ve discovered this year is that you can take an e-course on about any subject you can imagine, and most of them are priced very affordably. I am two weeks into a 3-week video making class called Montage. The class teaches you the technical aspect of using iMovie on a Mac, but it also has a fun, creative side in which you learn to put your heart and soul into the movie and tell a story. I’ve made two videos so far.

Here’s the first one. All of the footage was taken at my brother and sister in law’s home in Gerald, Missouri. It’s just under two minutes. Short and sweet.

Leaving Worry Behind

This is the second one, also about two minutes. The footage was taken in my backyard. I feel more self-conscious in this one because I do some speaking. I don’t know, does anyone like hearing their own voice? Well, hope you like it.

Busy Be Gone

The class has been great and well worth the money. I think I’m really going to like having a new creative outlet.

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6 thoughts on “Montage Magic

  1. I love both of these! And no, no one ever likes hearing their own voice, but I loved hearing yours. And “Busy Be Gone” is a lesson I need to learn, too. *sighs*

    This course sounds very interesting – I’ve wanted to know how to use iMovie for years, and keep telling myself I’ll get to it one day. Thanks for telling us about it, and I think I’ll look into it!

    Well done, both of them – thank you, Barb!

  2. Your videos are great! And I totally understand about listening to your own voice, it can be so hard to hear ourselves….why is that? Know that it was great to hear your voice in the video!

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