Rest #Tinyhearts


The Underappreciation of Rest in Our Society by Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist:

Rest has become confused with laziness. We live in a society that praises those who work 60hrs/week and makes faulty assumptions about those who work 40. We have confused rest with laziness. And while too much rest may indeed be an indicator of sloth, the regular practice of finding rest is not.

Read the whole article here. Lots of great stuff!


When Breath Meets Busy by Courtney Carver of Be More with Less:

The more I worked, the more work I had. For awhile, I thrived on busyness. Then I resented it…Eventually my busyness became unproductive in every possible way.

Read the whole article here. It includes a five-minute antidode to busyness.


Busy Be Gone by me. 🙂 A two-minute video about being a recovering busy-aholic.

Read about the beginning of this series here.

One thought on “Rest #Tinyhearts

  1. I am so convinced on the priority of rest, and building margin in my life vs. the driven,workaholic, lifestyle I used to embrace. I grew up on a dairy farm, under a dad who was a classic workaholic, to this day I can still hear his messages in my brain. I think we’ve talked about this topic in the past so I won’t repeat myself 🙂 I also discovered first hand the more I owe, the more it owes me. We started down the road of rental property…and discovered it is not the financial fix all for the future I dreamed it would be. Evicting tenants, police coming to the property, utilities getting turned off, finding good tenants, heart ache, drama, yada yada…life is too short to spend it putting out other people’s fires, I don’t care if it had the potential to increase our net worth. Peace of mind is a gift.

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