Recovery #tinyhearts


This is an excerpt from an article that really resonated with me.

Struggle With, Not Victory Over

Therese Borchard

It’s tempting for anyone who writes about depression and anxiety to preach from hindsight, after he has “recovered” from his mood disorder: “This is what I did to free myself from addiction” … “Here are five steps to instant weight loss” … “These are eight techniques to cure anxiety.”

If you look at the list of New York Times bestseller advice books, such simple directives fill slots 1 through 20. Because no one wants to read the secrets of a person still struggling with her diet and exercise. After fifteen bloody weeks, she is still grossed out by sweat. Few people want to read a depression memoir that ends in a psych ward, with ECT.

In her piece she quotes Bob Kellermen about the temptation for preachers to speak from a “victory over” perspective versus a more reflective, introspective “struggling with” point of view:

What effect might it have on our fellow strugglers if we talked about the battle during the battle—while we are still in the valley? How might it connect truth to life if we were honest enough to admit that we have lifelongongoing battles that we struggle with rather than that we always have “victory” over?

3 thoughts on “Recovery #tinyhearts

  1. I’ve wrestled with this very question, multiple times…I am willing to write about life issues while I’m still in the throes of it..but wonder who would be interested in reading some of the depressing crap (or anger) that would spill off the page? Right now I have 3 different issues I could write from… financial, marriage and personal. To be fair to myself, some recent posts on financial angst have found their way to the farm blog..but the other topics..hummm..not sure who would benefit…. what do you think?

    • Sometimes I don’t have enough figured out in my head to write until I’m on the other side, and yes, I don’t want to be too depressing all the time! (or worry my mom!) But I also think there’s value in letting people know that they’re not unusual to have “struggles” or “issues” that continue throughout life. It seems like I have the same issues I kind of spiral in and out of, hopefully at a more insightful/skillful level each time. But sometimes it would sure be nice to be over some of these issues for good 🙂

  2. Thank you for writing this.
    There are struggles I’ll never overcome or achieve “mastery” over. There are battles which must be fought each day, every day. Even on days when I loose, the battle awaits the next day. And I’m finally willing to learn how to accept this.

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