Around Here Lately

I thought I’d share some random pictures and a few thoughts about life around here.

photo-53The coolest thing: I met with some graduate students from Taiwan. One of them contacted me because she had read both of my books on social anxiety disorder and was going to be at the University of Missouri for a cultural exchange program. She wanted to interview me for a class project. I hope to write a whole post on this–it was so, so neat. She had brought her Chinese edition of Painfully Shy, all highlighted, and wanted me to sign it. She said it was a miracle that we met, and asked for a hug when we said good-bye.

An interesting tidbit: They all said that being quiet in Taiwan was revered. It was the shy, quiet students who were popular and who were selected by teachers to be class presidents. It sure was confirmation of this research study.

Real Life: Greg sitting in the recliner, holding Larry up like a baby, shoes on the floor, stuff all over the counter-tops, and me being sneaky taking

 Lots of Walks: When I feel sad about all the things I can’t do with my chronic pain, I remember that there are lots of things I can do, like take walks around the neighborhood. The sunsets have been

Life Make-Over Fail: Greg says I sound like a walking women’s magazine. I’ve been talking to him for at least a month that after baseball season was over (our St. Louis Cardinals were in the World Series) we were going to have a “Life Make-Over.” We were going to watch less TV, eat better, exercise more, spend less time on the computer… It was all supposed to start on November 1. Well, we did horribly over the weekend.  Greg watched LOTS of football (but to be fair, he didn’t feel well). I even told myself I wasn’t going to eat my nightly ice cream, but I did. We didn’t exercise.  This is why you should never try to start things on the first of the month or on a Monday. It feels too much like a diet and instant rebellion kicks

Funny: Larry looks a bit like Einstein. They both have the static hair thing going on.my_collage_by_Fuzel-2

Still Pondering Existential Issues (some things never change):photo-59

5 thoughts on “Around Here Lately

  1. I LOVE reading these kind of posts Barb. I will tell you why..because it helps to get to know the real you. 90% of blogging for me personally at this point is getting to know a few people on a deeper level. That would have been special for both you and that young woman. Isn’t it amazing how when you write a book (or a blog post) you never know who you are going to touch. Writing (and then publishing) reminds me of putting a note in a bottle and throwing it into the sea.

  2. Thanks, Doug. To tell you the truth, I think about quitting blogging practically every day now. I have no idea what I am doing, what my purpose is, who my audience is… But yes, I am not even sure how the woman from Taiwan found me, but it was really an overwhelming experience, to know I had changed her life in some way. I cried all the way home after meeting her–good tears! I may have to send you an e-mail about my blogging issues. I’m sure everyone goes through it. I remember you said once you miss people who stop blogging (I think of Brittany) and I mentally made a note to myself that if I ever did stop blogging, I would write you and let you know ahead of time.

    • You sound so normal! thanks for not just disappearing w/o a trace. I only subscribe to a handful of blogs these days (yours is one of them) I’m glad you are also on facebook, in the event you do quit posting. 🙂 Not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but one of the reasons originally I feel a connection to you and your hubby was because of the shared experience of shyness earlier in our lives. Then as I’ve gotten to know you more through your writing, my respect for you has grown for several reasons..I appreciate your humility and transparency, you don’t claim to have everything all figured out 😉 and I will always remember your kind heart when I needed to have one of our pets (Little Moe) checked out by the Vet and you said you would help defray the office visit. That gesture spoke volumes.

  3. Hi Barbara, great post – as always.

    I watched a YouTube documentary about social anxiety yesterday, and you were in it. I just wanted to say I think you are an amazing and brave lady, and I really hope you have accepted yourself now, because you deserve it so much.

    Very best wishes,

    Emma x

    • Thank you, Emma! I recently realized that video was up and has over 800,000 views. I’m really glad I did it, although it was difficult. I know it’s helped a lot of people realize they’re not the only one and that treatment is available. Most days, I accept myself as I am 🙂

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