#AugustBreak2013: I’m Already Losing Interest

See explanation of these August Break posts, here.

I’m already feeling behind.  I barely know what day it is, much less what photo prompt I’m “supposed” to be on. There are so many fun projects on the Internet. They sound good when I read about them, and I approach them like photo-23most of the things I do: with a bit too much seriousness. As you can see to the left, I printed out the prompt list and have put check marks by the ones I’ve done, and have notes about ideas for prompts coming up. But for whatever reason, I lose interest and have definite trouble with follow through. “Why did I think this would be fun?” (Oh, I just remembered the One Little Word project…haven’t touched that since January or February!)

Like many things, I turn what are supposed to be fun projects into a chore. This is clearly an “issue” for me; however, I don’t feel like analyzing at the moment. It’s Friday night and my brain is shot. I’m just going to post the pictures I have, and not worry about it.



Skyline (Missouri State Capitol)

DSC_0061 5x7

A Selfie (hate that word)

This is me with a heat pack around my neck.

I wish I had something cuter to post, but this is real life.


Taste (This is a silly picture of me eating an ice cream bar.)


Okay, I’m feeling really self-conscious now. I usually only post pictures I like of me. Oh well, I can always delete them tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “#AugustBreak2013: I’m Already Losing Interest

  1. Ohhh that sounds like me! I start so many little projects on the internet and lose interest, or one bit is too hard so I give up on the whole thing. I have so many unfinished things like the photo a day projects (2 photos here, 3 photos there ..) And I only got as far as my January title page in One Little Word, so if you did February you’re one month ahead of me 🙂

  2. Haha I like the picture with you eating the ice cream bar, very cute! Makes me want an ice cream bar too now. It’s been a much needed lazy Sunday. 😛 Stayed out late last night dancing and it’s nice to just be home and not running around trying to see people. Been doing that a lot this break. I’ll get back to it tomorrow, but it’s nice to have a relaxing day with no commitments.

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