Appreciating My “Regular” Job

In my online world, lots of people are talking about World Domination Summit (#WDS2013).  The people who attend are described as remarkable, adventuresome, creative…people who dream big, live large, and want to change the world.

Sometimes I get down on myself, thinking that I should be doing more with my life. Maybe I’m using chronic pain as an excuse. Why can’t I be at World Domination Summit?  Aside from hating the name “World Domination Summit,” I think it would be really cool to go, and most of all, to be one of those cool, remarkable people.

So today, it seemed like a good time to savor and appreciate my job (I’m a psychological/medical consultant for a State agency). I always get to work early, so I was able to take a few pictures of my work space without being conspicuous.

Here’s a panoramic view of my cubicle.


As you can see, there’s a window, so I don’t feel closed in at all. If you notice the mirror on my desk, that’s so I can see when people come up behind me to talk.

photo-6Other things I appreciate about my job:

*I get a regular paycheck that I can count on.

*I don’t have to take my work home with me.

*I have limited paper to deal with, so I can keep my little cube clutter free.

*I work with nice people.

*I enjoy a lot of flexibility.

*Although I know all of my abilities aren’t being utilized, I do make important decisions that make a difference in people’s lives.

I’m glad we have people like those who attend World Domination Summit. But I’m also really thankful for all the people who work “regular” jobs…people who pick up the trash, deliver the mail, build our roads and houses, and perform all the other 9-5 jobs out there.

We’re all remarkable, in our own way. And we can all change the world, in our own way.  I become overwhelmed if I think of “dreaming big.” I have to think small. Mother Teresa said it this way:

We can do no great things,

only small things with great love.

So whatever you do, do it with love.  Oh, and a few more pictures of my cubicle. Oh, and one more thing.  Join The Self-Compassion Project on Facebook. Thanks for reading!photo-9


8 thoughts on “Appreciating My “Regular” Job

  1. I love that you wrote this. I needed to hear it today. I went to WDS last year (also hate the name, but Chris seems to use language like that, calls his tribe a “small army”), but not this year, and am feeling the pull, but also knowing that it’s okay to not go, to have a small life that is deep and wide, to not be one of the “cool kids.” A quote that I saw — ironically enough on a slide at WDS this year, a picture that someone attending shared — said “If you have just one reader and your blog changes their life, your blog is enough.” Here’s to being enough 🙂

  2. Hi Barb,

    Loved this. Very good points to remember. And I felt a bit nostalgic seeing your space!!! I have the little bowl of rocks you painted for me in my living room and enjoy them often. 🙂 Jan

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