One Solution

Have you seen anything real lately?

Go ahead, give it a try

Muster up some courage

dare to take a peek outside your skull

and see what’s really there

Try to get a handle on something…anything.

Like mist, it passes through your fingers

leaving only a cold and damp suggestion

that anything really was

Or was it?

A world made of concrete and steel

and yet

nothing is really solid enough to put your hands on

But maybe it’s best that way.

After all, if you did grab something

would you be brave enough to look It in the eye?

Instead, give up

Admit that it is not to be grabbed



or studied with the hands



or mind

anymore than the line between this

and that

or you

and I

is to be drawn with a straight edge

and a number 2 pencil.


My brother, Bill Gerth, wrote this poem when he was in college at Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana. I found it today on a piece of paper in a pile of miscellaneous stuff I was going through. Thank goodness I rescued it! It was formatted differently (indentations, etc.), but I couldn’t make WordPress do it correctly.

Many of you who follow this blog know what an incredible person Bill is. You can read other posts and see videos about him here and here.

Photo credit for featured image on home page: Carolyn Tiry, via flickr, CC

4 thoughts on “One Solution

  1. Self compassion strengthens every area of of my life and I am making it the number my number one daily practice. Thank you for your presence on Face Book. I am a big fan. blessings to you.

  2. Love this list of self-care ideas! I’ll be sharing it and introducing your site to a group of moms of children with special needs later this month. Thank you for reminding us how essential self-care and self-love really are to our well-being. Here are a couple to consider for the list:

    Strength-training (especially arm exercises that extend overhead–they have a way of helping you reclaim your personal power)

    A special treat from a quality grocer

    Trip to the Farmer’s Market

    Give yourself a hug (wrap arms around self)

    Place hand on heart and say words of affirmation

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