Finding refuge in tough times

I have been in the midst of a pain flare-up and haven’t been able to do much on the computer 😦 I miss blogging and communicating with all of you! I just cheated a little and found this Q/A from Tara Brach. She has a wonderful book called Radical Acceptance, and this was on her Facebook page today. It speaks to where I am–in the midst of struggling, yet trying to lean into the struggle, not fight so hard, and most of all, trying to find the presence of mind to remember self-compassion. I hope to be able to write more soon!

Okay, this is Tara “talking” below:

Question: How can we remind ourselves of what refuge is when difficult times come to life?

Response: There is a deep and powerful question you can ask yourself: How can this situation serve the awakening of my heart and mind? Then let that be your prayer–that whatever is going on in your life be part of what truly can free your heart and spirit. If this is your question and your prayer…then you will be guided home to an inner refuge of peace and freedom.

Sometimes the heart has to be broken open to be free, and the process can feel like a huge confusing, frightening mess. Please trust that within you is the love and awareness to awaken through all situations. The key is to take refuge in presence over and over, with tremendous self-compassion. The more you turn toward presence, the more you trust the process…the more fully you will discover an inner sanctuary of peace and freedom.

6 thoughts on “Finding refuge in tough times

  1. Miss you too and sending love. No worries right: “abide in the heart, and surrender your acts to the Divine.” Ramana Marharshi’s words comfort me. abiding all together, let’s have some B & J’s in heartland. I was thinking of you this week when I was looking at paint chips, and all the playful, pretty names. too bad if the perfect shade had a dull name. Nooooo ways: Lavender Moon it is. Thinking of you makes me smile, and i fill my life with love when i read your blog. Find refuge in theheart (on a cozy cushion of course) Words will flow again. hope you’re feeling better soon xo rachel p.s. thanks for sharing tara’s loving wisdom – love her too.

  2. I hope to get to know you better. I empathize deeply with you. Radical acceptance is still stumbling around in my brain although I have much experience with it.

  3. How you juggle work with doctor visits, and most especially the gut-wrenching pain, I would very much like to know, but commend you nevertheless, I wish you much success in your future endeavors and champion you as a comrade in chronic pain.

    You “liked” my about page for my budding chronic pain forum blog, and I like the subject of your work. It touched me. I’m very “shy” and this causes me great sadness–it stings–although I have always managed to be successful vis-à-vis the social anxiety, but never happy. Recently though when a small tarriance of lingering chronic pain suddenly took over my whole body and soul, I finally had to drop out of grad school . I was studying digital archives at Pitt.

    I hope this isn’t weird; I’m self conscious about reaching out to people, but your pain situation and area of expertise peaked my interest. I look forward to reading your blogs! Thank you, and namaste.

  4. This is just beautiful and self-compassion is something I have recently begun to work on with the help of my neuro-psychologist and my daughter who is also a clinical psychologist. I have lots of support but there is none like that of people going trough similar struggles.


    Christine xx

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