Because You Gave Me a Name

Anyone who has been following this blog knows I’m obsessed with all things Kelly Rae Roberts. I don’t think she’ll mind me posting this Mother’s Day card because I’m always telling people to visit her blog and buy her inspiring, soulful artwork! For local readers, Southbank Gifts carries many of her things. I actually bought this card for my mom, but ended up not giving it to her because I couldn’t part with it (I should have bought two). You probably won’t be able to read the words, so I’ll repeat them below.

Card by Kelly Rae Roberts

because you held

hope for my life

even before I was born.

because you gave me a name,

and a beginning to a

beautiful life journey.

because you taught me that

kindness really does matter.

Thank you, Mom, for all of the above. I couldn’t have said it better.

One thought on “Because You Gave Me a Name

  1. ..from the heart, beautiful and loving. Thx for sharing, Barb. I’ll be visiting Kelly’s Rae’s site too 🙂

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